For Pastors and Lay Leaders

Our mission is one of service, and we do our best to serve local churches. Here’s what one Pastor said about working with CrossPoint:

“I just wanted to write you and let you know what an absolute blessing that CrossPoint Clinical’s partnership with New Day has been for our staff and our people. Our pastors enjoy helping our people in all areas of their walk with the Lord, as God has called us to do, but with no professional counselors on our full-time staff, your ministry has been the added support we need for people that need an ongoing, supportive, professional counseling experience. It’s such a comfort knowing that I can encourage our people to take the appropriate next-step of finding some professional help without fear that they will receive advice or care that is contrary to our biblical beliefs. As we pray for God to renew the minds of all of our people, I can’t imagine how many of our people at New Day would be able to fully experience that transforming power of God in their lives without your ministry obediently following His direction each and every day.

Thank you for all you do!”

Andrew Charko

Executive Pastor
New Day Church

For Pastors

Even Pastors need Pastors.  The pressures on a leadon the pather in the church are unique and often quite challenging.  At CrossPoint Clinical Services, we’re here to meet the needs of those in ministry.

Many Pastors feel they have no one to turn to for guidance.  Instead they turn to:

  • alcohol
  • pornography
  • video games
  • drugs
  • work, work, and more work

Depression and anxiety can become chronic challenges if not addressed properly.

If you have been called to full-time ministry and serve, or have served, God’s flock and find yourself struggling emotionally, please contact us to set up an appointment.

For Lay Leaders

IMG_5764As a counselor, minister, or other leader within your church, chances are that at some point you will encounter a problem that you’re not equipped to deal with.  You may be leading a class, a group, or working one-on-one with someone, and realize all at once that you’re in over your head.

  • CrossPoint offers training and individualized consultation on topics including:
  • How to respond to suicidal statements and behaviors
  • What do to when someone is harming or neglecting a child
  • How to talk to people about the use of alcohol and other drugs
  • Knowing when it’s time to refer for professional help
  • Where to refer people for specialized help with eating disorders and other treatment needs