Sajjan Sharma, MSW

Director of Marketing and Development

Sajjan Sharma, MSW, is an ordained minister who served as Lead Pastor of the Pioneer Valley Church of Christ (PVCOC) in Chicopee, MA for nearly fifteen years and now serves as a Minister at Northview Church in Georgia. During his PVCOC tenure, the church grew in membership and achieved new stability and direction. Under his leadership, the PVCOC began a number of initiatives to educate members on topics such as sexual addiction, personal financial management and parenting. Prior to his work in Chicopee, Sajjan was with the Boston Church of Christ and has worked as a missionary in New Delhi, India; Sofia, Bulgaria; and Tirane, Albania. He has experience providing premarital counseling, marital counseling, and pastoral counseling with congregations of diverse ethnicities, addressing areas such as grief, sickness and recovery from trauma. Notable skills include public speaking, teaching, mentoring, organizing and managing. Sajjan received his Master of Social Work from Boston College in 2006.

*Now a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator

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Sajjan Sharma, CrossPoint Clinical Service's Director of Marketing and Development
Sajjan Sharma


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