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Our mission is to promote personal healing through quality psychotherapeutic and wellness services and to guide others to do the same with our professional consultation and training. Our services are client-centered, based on sound clinical practice and Biblical principles. We believe that trust, respect, confidentiality, and compassion are essential values to our work with individuals, families, and professional clients.

How Counseling Works

When we’re lost, we need direction. When we’re down, we need to be lifted up. It’s not easy to ask for help. It takes courage to reach out for assistance when you feel vulnerable. But, it’s impossible to manage life alone.

At CrossPoint, we offer a safe place to talk about things you can’t talk about anywhere else. We listen closely, so we can fully understand your situation. We work with you to set goals that make sense for you and are in line with what God wants for your life. Then we help you reach those goals by searching with you for the answers that make sense for your individual needs. There are no simple answers to life’s challenges and there is no single formula, or one-size-fits-all solution that we can prescribe. Therapy is an individual process. It takes work – and we’re here to work with you.

CrossPoint provides high-quality counseling by licensed, experienced clinicians who understand psychology and also recognize the importance of the spiritual component in the healing process. Spiritual approaches may include discussion, study, homework activities outside the office or simply inviting God into the counseling session through prayer.

We’re not here to tell you what you should believe or to force a particular brand of Christianity on anyone. We know that it’s not the counselor, but God who has the answers. We’re here to help you find those answers, in a way that works for you.

Mental Health Counseling with a Christian Perspective

At CrossPoint, we offer a Christian alternative to mainstream mental health counseling. Our clinicians use the best and most current knowledge that the field of psychology has to offer and add to this foundation an option for our clients to view life’s challenges from a Christian perspective. For people who aren’t comfortable with a biblically-based approach, we offer a more traditional form of counseling.

We have found, however, that many people who stay with traditional  counseling end up feeling like they’re still missing something. We understand that the symptoms we feel when we’re distressed may be  physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. When the problems are spiritual, we need a spiritual cure. As Christians, we believe in the healing power of the Holy Spirit. For clients who are ready for this approach, we seek answers from God through his written Word and through prayer.

Christian Mental Health Services
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