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Learn More About our Services and Support for Pastors and Church Lay Leaders 

Our mission is one of service, and we do our best to serve local churches. We understand the unique challenges faced by today’s Christian Pastors. They are often asked to carry heavy burdens – many of which are not doctrinal in nature. Very few pastors are trained to deal with the steady stream of critics and crises that come their way. And as we all know, the times we are living in now are causing additional challenges for church leaders.

Even Pastors Need Pastors!

At CrossPoint Clinical Services, we are here to meet the needs of those in ministry by bringing counseling expertise and specialized training in behavioral health and human interaction. Having an active Pastor as one of our founders, helps us provide customized support to Pastors and Church Lay Leaders.

“I just wanted you to know what an absolute blessing that CrossPoint Clinical’s partnership with New Day Church has been for our staff and our people. Our pastors enjoy helping our people in all areas of their walk with the Lord, as God has called us to do, but with no professional counselors on our full-time staff, your ministry has been the added support we need for people that need an ongoing, supportive, professional counseling experience. Thank you for all you do!”

– Andrew Charko, Executive Pastor, New Day Church

How We Can Help Church Lay Leaders

As a counselor, minister or other leader within your church, chances are that at some point you will encounter a problem that you may not feel fully equipped to handle. You may be leading a class, a group, or working one-on-one with someone and realize suddenly that you are in over your head. At CrossPoint Clinical we are expert in behavioral health and can offer training and individualized consultation on many topics of direct interest to Church Lay Leaders.

These are a few of the questions we can help answer for you and your staff:

  • How should we respond to suicidal statements and behaviors?
  • What should we do when someone is harming or neglecting a child?
  • How should we talk to people about the use of alcohol and other drugs?
  • How do we know it is time to refer someone for professional help?
  • Where should we refer people for specialized help with eating disorders and other treatment needs?


We offer both individual and group Lay Leader counseling and we are more than happy to run small groups sessions or workshops at your church or online to make planning and scheduling easier.

How We Can Help Pastors

A pastor’s life is one of continuing emotional highs and lows. Expectations from church members can be unreasonable. The very nature of a Pastor’s call into ministry can lend itself to unending stress which can lead to many negative outcomes including burnout and depression. In some cases, Pastors turn to unhealthy outlets that can cause additional damage to family and work life. In our years of ministerial counseling we have seen alcohol, pornography, video games, drugs and in many cases – work, work, and more work – become the coping mechanisms for Pastors.

Depression and anxiety can become chronic challenges if not addressed properly. If you have been called to full-time ministry and serve or have served God’s flock and find yourself struggling emotionally, please contact us to set up an appointment.

We have a counselor who is also an ordained minister of pastoral care and Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with Advanced Certification in specialties such as clinical pastoral counseling.

Meet Alex Rivera-Fernandez, PhD, LADC 1