Can I choose to go with non faith-based counseling (i.e. traditional counseling) if I wish?


Can I select my own counselor?

Yes. Please spend some time in the Staff Section to learn more about each Therapist – including their training and clinical focus. Then tell us your preference when you contact us by telephone or email (or by using the Patient Referral Form).

Can I schedule an appointment now?

Since we are a private practice, all therapists keep their own schedules and they schedule their clients directly. The first step in the process is to complete and submit a Patient Referral Form. Please note: at times, Crosspoint has a wait list and you may not be contacted for an appointment until 3 to 4 weeks from the day you filled out the Patient Referral Form.

How do I get on the wait list?

On our website navigate to the Patient Forms page (in the “Contact Us” section) and fill out the Patient Referral Form including complete insurance information. Once a therapist has an opening, they will contact you directly to schedule.

What insurances do you accept?

CrossPoint accepts most commercial insurance plans and a few Masshealth plans (e.g. BMC, Tufts Network Health, MBHP). We currently have only one Medicare Provider so there may be a much longer wait to be scheduled with this provider. If you don’t have an insurance plan that we accept, we do have a self-pay option. Our self pay rates is $75 for a 45 minute session, $100 for a 60 minute session with discounts for pre-purchased sessions. We do not have a Sliding Fee Scale.

How do I pay my copays/deductibles?

All clients are responsible for insurance copays/deductibles at time of appointment. You may make payment at the time of your appointment with your therapist or you can call the office and we can take payment over the phone. Billing statements go out once a month.

Is the wait for Couples Therapy longer than Individual Therapy?

Yes, in some cases you may be waiting longer to see a therapist who does Couples Therapy. Not all therapists at CrossPoint work with Couples. Please review our staff bios to get better acquainted with CrossPoint Therapists and their specialties and focus.

Do you provide services for Children?

Yes, we provide services for children. However, not all CrossPoint Therapists work with children. Please review our staff bios to determine which of our Therapists specialize in caring for children.

Can I use my EAP Benefits?

Yes, though you will need to contact your insurance company to obtain an EAP authorization first. Once you obtain the authorization, please call our office and provide the authorization number and EAP phone number.

Are "in-person" sessions allowed yet at CrossPoint Clinical Services?

While we continue to offer Teletherapy, we have begun allowing in-person counseling in line with guidelines in our four offices.

How can I get additional information about CrossPoint Programs and Educational Workshops?

The easiest way to get additional information about our programs and workshops is to give us a call. Additionally, we have included email addresses on program webpages for each program facilitator. phone (413) 73-CROSS | (413) 732-7677 – toll free (833) 327-6777 | (8333CROSSP)