Speaker’s Bureau

Do You Need a Speaker for an Upcoming Event?

CrossPoint Clinical Services is here to help! With a growing staff of clinicians and professionals, we have someone available to fit all needs and topics. Please check out the list of speakers below to see their areas of expertise and past speaking engagements. Whether you find someone you think would be a good fit, or you would like us to help match you with someone we see fit, please fill out THIS FORM and we will contact you to discuss pricing and next steps. We would love to provide one of our speakers for your next event and tailor a presentation to your exact needs!

Speakers Available on Behavioral Health and Fitness/Wellness Topics

Our staff and leadership possess deep knowledge in the following areas – coupled with years of public speaking experience:

  • Behavioral health topics
  • Faith-based health and wellness topics
  • Marriage preparation
  • Issues unique to women
  • Issues unique to men
  • Issues unique to couples
  • Issues unique to blended families

Meet Our Speakers:

Areas of Expertise: Couples, Adult Populations, Abuse/Neglect, Anxiety/Panic, Depression, Grief/Bereavement, Trauma

Subjects of Interests: She has received certifications in mindfulness, ACT, Trauma-Focused CBT, SYMBIS, Prepare/Enrich, Gottman Level I, and advanced training in Christian integrative approaches. As a trainer of LivingWorks programs, she is available to teach a 3-hour suicide prevention course or a 2-day suicide intervention course to groups large or small. As a Prepare/Enrich Trainer, she is available to teach a certification course to prepare clinicians or church leaders/members to facilitate and utilize the Prepare/Enrich assessment with couples.

Past Speaking Engagements: Crosspoint Clinical Services, Inc. Pastor’s Lunch & Learn April 2023

Dr. Tracy Jones is CrossPoint's Clinical Care Coordinator

Tracy Jones Speaking at Our Pastors Lunch & Learn Event

Areas of Expertise: Men’s issues, fatherhood, healthy male identity, male oriented anger training in Christian contexts, general teaching/preaching/training about mental health to Christian communities, adolescent development and parenting, Intervention with delinquent adolescent populations, developing positive family culture, social entrepreneurship, starting and building a private practice, establishing non-profit business

*Rondey Allen is also a certified youth mental health first aid instructor and can speak on this to any group of people interested!*

Past Speeches/Training:

Sound: Unfolding the Partnership Between Mental Health and Pastoral Care- Boston Church of Christ Elders Group August 2023- The Bible frequently uses the word “sound” to describe things that are healthy or beneficial. The Hebrew word used in the OT is “tushiyyah” as found in Job and Proverbs. The New Testament word is “hugies” as found in Timothy and Titus. As Elders in God’s church, you have been charged with the task of discerning if the flock is “sound” and to help them to mature in their faith and character. As experienced practitioners and spiritual family, we would like to come along side you to learn the indicators of mental and emotional health and illness as you shepherd your flock.

Parenting Teens from a Place of Peace: Workshop presented as part of the “Inside Out” Christian Counselors Conference in Boston, MA, August 2023- “In our journey as disciples who are also parents, it can perhaps be most difficult to manage parenting through the adolescent years. It is a sensitive, volatile time of life, but also has great potential. As disciples we carry intrinsic and cultural expectations that our children would become disciples and thrive, yet we have little control over their decisions. We can carry many concerns about the impact of outside influences such as social media, the evolving (or devolving) culture, increased access to information good and bad, dating, friend choices, and other life issues. One can wonder, “How do I support the healthy development of my child while having a positive spiritual influence?” (even after your child is baptized) Through this class I would like to offer hope, encouragement, and clinical guidance from the perspective of a therapist who has counseled many adolescents and their families over the past 20 years but also as a parent of a 25-year-old and 3 teens who is still currently navigating the process. I would like to help define success in parenting beyond the child being baptized and discuss the role of personal peace in creating a successful parenting experience.”

Rondey Allen, CrossPoint's Executive Director

Past Speeches/Training:

Becoming Boston Church of Christ Teen Parents January 2023, Pioneer Valley Church of Christ February 2023: Spoke to parents of teens about how the development of secure identity supports the ability to develop identity as a disciple. Referenced Erickson’s theory of Psychosocial Development, Marcia’s theory of Identity exploration, and Fowler’s stages of faith from a Biblical perspective.

Parenting Toward a Positive Home Culture: Children’s Trust Fund Statewide Conference, “A View From All Sides”, November 2022: Presented to an audience of social workers, parent helpers, and clinicians about tools to help parents to build a positive culture in their home through the use of Ross Green’s and Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families

This Ain’t The Brady Bunch: September 2018, CrossPoint Clinical Services: Training for Pastoral leaders on how to help stepfamilies to successfully manage the nuances of their family situations.

Can I Quit Yet? Western New England Social Work Conference, Western New England College, May 2021: Presented to an audience of social workers and other clinical professionals about key elements of preparing to open a private practice, a group practice and start a non-profit organization.

Anger, Judgement and the Christian Man: Boston Church of Christ Southern Cities Region, Pioneer Valley Church of Christ October 2019: Spoke to groups of Christian Men about the spiritual importance of managing their anger well and offered Biblical and clinical advice to support improved management

Past Speeches/Training:

“Feed My Sheep”: Maximizing Community Faith Based Care through a Non-Profit Organization- Inside Out virtual Conference October 2021: Presented to an audience of Christian therapists about key elements of preparing to open a private practice, a group practice and start a non-profit organization.

“In the Same Way” – Honoring God with Your Communication in Marriage: Presented at marriage conference for the Westfield Evangelical free church about evidenced based but Biblically congruent tools for building healthy communication and connection in their marriages.

Love Wins! Learning to Thrive as a Blended Family: New England ICOC “Refresh” Conference, July 2018: Presentation with wife Jennifer sharing testimony and practical teaching about building culture in a step family situation.

Healthy Me, Healthy Us: Pursuing Wholeness as a Couple- Boston Church of Christ Virtual Marriage Conference, April 2021: Presented with wife Jennifer about strategies to promote health individually and as a couple in mind, body, and spirit.


Hurry Sickness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvnlPC-xgwE&t=1545s

Gathering of a Nation https://vimeo.com/758468614/fb4e1654d7

Turn Me Around https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/679721940

Areas of Expertise: Faith-Based Fitness, Whole Person Focus (Mind, Body and Spirit), Health, Wellness, Spiritual formation, biblical meditation

Subjects of Interests: Women, health, body image, meditation, spiritual formation

Areas of Expertise: Faith-Based Fitness, Whole Person Focus (Mind, Body and Spirit)

Subjects of Interests: Triathlons, Marathon Running

Past Speaking Engagements: CT Homeowners Association Annual Meeting 2005, Fitness for Faith Magazine’s Holiday Party 2022

Areas of Expertise: Children/Adolescents/Young Adults diagnosed with: ADHD (Attention/Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), ODD (Oppositional/Defiant Disorder), Conduct Disorder, and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Also, working with youth on: social skills (pro-social behaviors), coping skills/strategies, anger management strategies and friendship building. Working with the young adult on job related and career focus.

Subjects of Interests: Social Skills, Community Engagement, Sports, School related issues, Educational and Clinically Informed Decision Making. Working with outside systems and organizations to better support individuals and families in the community in need.

Past Speaking Engagements: Has always been actively engaged in coaching sports, performing in church plays, and working within the schools on various levels.

Areas of Expertise: Men’s Issues, Adult Males

Subjects of Interests: Everything

Past Speaking Engagements: Passion Play Bethany (Role of Jesus) 4 years, Continuous Improvement Facilitator at Hamilton Standard 4 years, Dale Carnegie Graduate Assistance 2x 6 month programs