Purpose Posse for CrossPoint Clients

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Exciting News!

As a CrossPoint counseling client, you now have COMPLIMENTARY access to our thriving online Wellness program – Purpose Posse 

Our goal at Crosspoint is to help you to live life to the FULLEST and THRIVE! We encourage redemption in the Mind, Body, And Spirit. We provide clinical care and wellness services, and we would like to offer the opportunity to become a member of the Purpose Posse at NO COST while you are in clinical care with a CrossPoint counselor! 

What is the Purpose Posse?

Our virtual wellness space brings together a community of people that want guidance, support and encouragement with physical: movement, nutrition, spiritual and mindset. Each month our coaches provide a focus for each area- Mind, Body and Spirit. There are many options to customize your experience as you participate at a level that works for you! 

We believe in learning about our bodies and what works best for them. We give you the space to figure out what works for your body. There is not one way! We also believe that shame is not the answer. We hope to help you find movement that you enjoy and that is safe for your body! 

 Features and Benefits of the Purpose Posse: 

  • Weekly emails with updates and encouragement! 
  • You can join us live on Zoom or just access the content on your own time! 
  • Over 250 prerecorded workouts for you including cycling, Pilates strength and cardio!  
  • Over 250 prerecorded meditations! 
  • Come together for Bible studies and a memory verse for each month! 
  • Nutrition topics such as: water intake, grocery store tips, salad challenge, understanding protein, carbs and fat, green veggies, eating in season, and more! 
  • Help your MINDSET with group readings that have included books such as: The Circle Maker, The Best of Me, Resilient, Forgotten God, Crazy Love, and more! 

Our Current Weekly Zoom Meeting Schedule: 

Sunday Nights: 

7:30 PM – 8:00 PM Weekly organization and planning support 

Tuesday Nights: 

6:30 PM – 7:00 PM Strength Workout 

7:00 PM – 7:15 PM Biblical Meditation  

Friday Mornings: 

7:15 AM Prayer Call 

Saturday Mornings: 

7:15 AM – 7:25 AM Worship 

7:25 AM – 7:40 AM Biblical Meditation 

7:45 AM – 8:30 AM+/- Strength & Cardio Workout 

8:45 AM Weekly Celebration and Habit Setting

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Jennifer Allen certified personal trainer and wellness coach
Jennifer Allen

Questions?   Schedule a Call HERE with Helen or Jennifer!

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Class Passes | Pay as You Go!

Announcing an Exciting New Way to Join Our Online Workouts.

Class Passes are a super easy way to access our high quality, faith-based online workouts during times that are most convenient to you – without making any long-term commitment.

For well over a year now, our Purpose Posse program has been a special oasis for like-minded individuals focused on Mind, Body and Spirit. Along the way we’ve had some folks tell us that they don’t have the capacity in their schedules to join the full Purpose Posse group, but they would still love to participate in some workouts when their schedules allow. Our response to that call is – Class Passes – which are pre-paid vouchers that will allow you to pay as you go and join us when you can.

All classes are taught by certified trainers/health coaches and are available via Zoom.

Your Trainer and Health Coach - Jennifer Allen

If you haven’t already, please fill out the Exercise Consent & Medical Information Welcome aboard!