Helen M. Granskog

Helen is a triathlete, marathon runner, author, wife of twenty-three years and mother of two girls. As a Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer, she is passionate about helping people be healthy and live life to the fullest. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public and Policy Community Relations.

Not being active in sports as a child, Helen came to love running as an adult in support of a friend who asked her to do an adventure race. After being an athlete for over twenty years and a Wellness Coach for six years, Helen became a Personal Trainer and Revelation Wellness Instructor. She is driven out of a desire to help individuals be their best for those they love.

Helen facilitates individual and group coaching programs for health and wellness. She helps clients identify and achieve health and wellness goals in ten different areas of life, understanding that health is more than just exercise. She designs customized nutrition and workout plans to reach and maintain weight and health goals. An avid student of fitness, Helen recently completed her group fitness certification and is excited to bring her energy and passion to her classes.

Helen’s personal goal is to complete an ironman competition. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients realize anything is possible.

Jennifer Allen

Jennifer holds her Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is also certified in Life, Mental Health and Trauma Informed Coaching through The American Association of Christian Counselors, and is Live Well Certified with Revelation Wellness. She has also been certified and trained in many health and fitness disciplines including Arthritis, Cancer, sports nutrition, and behavioral change. Along the way, Jennifer has developed worksite wellness programs for her local YMCA providing guidance and leadership.

Jennifer can work with individual clients as well as small or large groups. She helps develop exercise programs and work on creating short or long-term goals in the areas of health, fitness, and spirituality.

Her goal is to educate, support, and empower everyone she works with by providing motivation, support, and accountability. She will work alongside you to help come up with a plan to reach your goals and build healthy habits that will be sustainable for the long term. Jennifer is committed to helping people realize their potential and achieve vibrant health! She will take an integrative approach to wellness, with a comprehensive focus on how the mind, body, and spirit work together.

Watch for Jennifer’s Latest Video on YouTube “Weight Loss, Emotional Eating and Spiritual Healing”