Class Passes | Pay as You Go!

Announcing an Exciting New Way to Join Our Online Workouts.

Class Passes are a super easy way to access our high quality, faith-based online workouts during times that are most convenient to you – without making any long-term commitment.

For well over a year now, our Purpose Posse program has been a special oasis for like-minded individuals focused on Mind, Body and Spirit. Along the way we’ve had some folks tell us that they don’t have the capacity in their schedules to join the full Purpose Posse group, but they would still love to participate in some workouts when their schedules allow. Our response to that call is – Class Passes – which are pre-paid vouchers that will allow you to pay as you go and join us when you can.

All classes are taught by certified trainers/health coaches and are available via Zoom.

Your Trainer and Health Coach - Jennifer Allen

If you haven’t already, please fill out the Exercise Consent & Medical Information Welcome aboard!