Group Coaching

Group Coaching

We help our community redeem mind, body, and spirit.

The Body Revelation

13-Week Program for $150

Do you feel like your body is a problem to solve? Do you find yourself reacting to circumstances of life out of your pain versus your convictions?

Come join me on a 13-week journey through Alisa Keeton’s new book, The Body Revelation, and learn how to metabolize pain, banish shame, and connect to God with your whole self. You’ll receive support, encouragement, accountability, and prayer as part of our weekly small group meetings. Together, we can enrich our lives, celebrate our bodies, and find holistic wellness.

Don’t let the bad things that have happened to you rip you off from the good that God has for you! The Body Revelation will take you from feeling stuck in your body to living wholeheartedly.

The Body Revelation is a thirteen-week Christ-centered wellness program that teaches people to know how to partner with their bodies to maintain peace by staying connected to themselves and God. You will learn how to metabolize pain with movement and the gospel of Jesus Christ. All the principles in this book center around who God is and the Biblical practices that will help you encounter God in your physical body.

The Wellness Revelation

9-Week Program for $99

Have you struggled with your weight your entire life, never feeling at peace in your body? Do you feel like you’re constantly riding a roller coaster of emotions as you watch numbers on a scale go up and down? Or maybe, you’ve been keenly aware throughout your life of both obsessing over your body and neglecting it. 

Ready to hear some truth? God wants to free you from what weighs you down and keeps you from your marvelous purpose. 

Join us as we learn how to change our relationship with food and our body. In the 9-week Wellness Revelation course, we discuss God’s original design for healthy living and learn how to move away from neglecting or obsessing about food. It’s time to make a change from the inside out.

Group Coaching classes run on a schedule that is announced as the date approaches. If you are in a group of 3 or more people, the program can be conducted at any time of your choosing.

Do you need a clear goal or direction?

Do you feel like you’re in a rut? Let’s move forward, together.