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Welcome to the CrossPoint Clinical Tech Help page for staff members. Here you will find tutorials and answers to many of your technical questions. These materials have been curated by the CrossPoint IT and Marketing team. Remember – you can always reach out for direct assistance from Ryan Fitzemeyer our Systems Administrator who will help you with computer and phone issues.

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Note: Because these tutorials are from 3rd party sources and are hosted on popular streaming websites (i.e. YouTube) you may encounter ads at the beginning (or even instream) that you will need to partially watch before skipping by them. Such is the price we pay for free content these days. 

Bookmarks - How do I organize Chrome bookmark so I can find my most important websites first?

This video shows how to finally organize your Google chrome bookmarks.

Bookmarks in Chrome Video

Bookmarks - How about managing my favorites bar in Windows 10 browser (i.e. MS Edge)?

Zoom - How do I join a Zoom Meeting for the first time?

This video will walk you through your first Zoom meeting as a participant.

Joining a Zoom Meeting Video

Zoom - How do I host a Zoom meeting for the very first time?

This helpful and laid back video will walk you through everything you need to know before hosting your own Zoom meetings.

Hosting A Zoom Meeting

Email/Microsoft Outlook - How do I set up the email software (also called an email client) known as Outlook?

Although there are several recent versions of Outlook being used these days, the basic set up is pretty similar for all. In this video the host does a nice job of walking through how to configure Microsoft Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 Basic Set Up

Email/Microsoft Outlook - Can I use Outlook to also manage email from my Gmail account?

The answer to that question is a definite yes! This video walks you through the process of configuring Outlook so you can send and receive email from multiple email systems including Gmail.

Configure Outlook to Manage Gmail

Email/Microsoft Outlook - POP vs IMAP what’s the difference?

When setting up email on a computer or mobile device you will likely run into the terms POP or IMAP which are also referred to as email protocols. These settings will impact how your email is saved and retrieved so it’s a good idea to know the difference when walking through the set up process of your email. This video does a nice job of providing an explanation of these two protocols without going too far into the weeds – which is easy do with anything technical. 🙂

POP and IMAP Explained

Email/Microsoft Outlook - How do I make and use electronic/digital signatures?

It’s surprisingly easy to create an electronic signature in Microsoft Word and use it in several ways. This is very useful for signing documents or email in an increasingly digital world!

Create an Electronic Signature in MS Word

Ooma Office Phone System - What is Ooma exactly and how do I set up my extension?

This pre-recorded Ooma Office webinar goes into detail about what you can do with Ooma and how to do the initial configuration. If you are already familiar with the basics of Ooma, you may want to skip the first 8 and a half minutes of fluff! Despite the promotional aspects of the webinar, the raw information about the system is quite helpful and you will be surprised at the many features within our phone system with the funny name.

Ooma Webinar

Ooma Office Phone System - How do I use the Ooma office virtual fax?

This is a great little video that helps us understand what a virtual fax is and how to do it.

Ooma Office Virtual Fax

Cyber Security - How do I create and protect my passwords?

How can we keep patients records and info safe from prying eyes? And how can also protect our own digital information? These next few assets (webpages and videos) will help you to understand how medical records get hacked and how to avoid this by staying HIPPA compliant as we all work remotely. First on the list is “password protection”.

Creating and Managing Passwords

Cyber Security - What are the most important things to think about when working remotely?

This video highlights security tips for working remotely.

Security Considerations for Remote Workers