Purpose Posse

Welcome to the Purpose Posse!

We are so glad that you are making this step to help you in your wellness. We are honored to be a part of your journey. To start of sucessful work through these videos on this page. Set a goal to get through them within your first week! Please reach out to Helen or Jennifer if you have any questions. 

First, please review these “How To” Videos

Review these “How to” videos to understand how to make the most of the weekly and monthly resources available.

Weekly & Daily Sheets Tutorial

How to Approach Monthly Content and Calendars

Weekly Email:

Each week you will recieve an email with the upcoming weeks schedule of live events. Around the first of each month we send out a content email with the theme and resources. Please make sure to read these! This is where you will find and class time changes or additions.

Then Watch These Assessment Videos

Take a few minutes to watch the assessment videos to gather information and understand where you are starting. The information will help assess progress as you move through your wellness journey.

Keep in mind that this is great information about where you are now! It does not define you 🙂

Assesment Goal Sheet

Assesment Results Sheet

Assessment Set-Up Video

Cardio Assessment Video

Body Composition Assessment Video

Lower Body Assessment Video

Upper Body Assessment Video

Additional Preparation Videos

Declarations Described

Modification Options

Understanding that everyone comes to the Purpose Posse at various levels below are some modification videos to assist you as needed.

Squat Modification

Inner Thigh Options

Lunge Options

Meditation Tools

Below are some meditation tools to assist you in deepening your relationship with God.

Biblical Scriptures on Mindfulness (PDF)

Christian Meditation Webinar (Video)

And once you are done here, it’s time to go to this month’s Content & Resources Page:

Once you are an active member you will be given a passcode to all the other Posse Portal Pages!