Redeemed Sexuality: A Guide to Sexuality for Christians | Workshop | Thursday August 3rd

Educational Workshop

Redeemed Sexuality: A Guide to Sexuality for Christians

Thursday, August 3rd


You are a sexual person. Whether you are single or married, a teenager or an older single adult, God created you as a sexual person. So how do we inhabit our sexuality in a way that brings honor to God? And what exactly is sexuality? Is it just sexual intercourse? Or is it perhaps something much greater?

Join us for dinner from 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM on August 3rd to hear Dr. Jennifer Konzen speak on these topics at our workshop.

Ideal for couples, singles, parents and students!

Rondey Allen shares details of this special program

This workshop will be led by:

Dr. Jennifer Konzen, PsyD, LMFT, CST, CCDC

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What will you learn in the Redeemed Sexuality Workshop?

God created them male and female. From the moment of our conception, we are born in this act of creation as a sexual being. God’s creation was the work of a master artist. It is vital that we discover both the artwork and the artist. God intended for sex to be a wonderful good. When someone allows God to guide them in how they engage in sex, it can be.

However, sometimes sexuality has become a source of shame, guilt, pain, confusion, frustration, and sorrow. Sexual challenges can come from the choices we make, from the things that others do against us, and from the ways in which Satan has inundated the world with a tsunami of destructive words and images about sex. Those challenges can also come from the lack of being able to talk openly about sex. Perhaps you want to lead a life of sexual purity but you are finding it hard to find solid, biblical answers to some of the very real questions you have. You may feel like you’ve tried to bring up these things with those involved in your life but that you often receive the same-old trite and empty arguments about purity: “Just wait” or “Just repent” or “God has a plan. Be patient.”

So how do we reconcile God’s intricate and amazing plan for sex with the devastation, destruction, and frustration that sex outside of His plan can cause? How can we pursue purity and honor sexuality at the same time? What exactly is God’s plan for sexuality for those who are not married?

Redeemed Sexuality answers many of these and other questions that singles, teens, and parents ask the authors in their conferences and sessions, including:

  • What is God’s plan for sex?
  • How should single, working professionals, college students, teens, and all other unmarried individuals understand their sexuality in light of God’s plan?
  • What is allowed and how far is too far?
  • How can we have healthy, intimate connections with others?
  • What is purity and how do we deal with temptation when it is so hard to escape?
  • How do we work through the damage and pain that is already done?
  • How can parents effectively communicate with their kids about sex? This comprehensive guide strives to bring clarity and understanding to topics that many Christians have trouble discussing. Journey with us as we discover a vibrant understanding of God’s plan for redeemed sexuality.

Cost is $49.99 per person or $80 per couple and includes the workshop and dinner. 

And a special discounted rate for Students of just $25!

Participate Live at the Pioneer Valley Church of Christ (85 Montcalm Street, Chicopee, MA) or online via Zoom. Dinner will be served to onsite participants.

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Featured Book

Redeemed Sexuality: A Guide to Sexuality for Christian Singles, Campus Students, Teens, and Parents by Tim Konzen and Dr. Jennifer Konzen.